Marty Takes Us Back to 1985, Nike Announces Marketing and Release of Self-Lacers

Do you know what does Marty McFly and Nike have in a common?

Just last week, Nike broke the internet with the announcement and release of self-lacing sneakers, Nike AirMag. Before that, rapper Kid Cudi made his guest appearance on Late Night with Conan expressing his admiration and the latest sneakers. Since then, NFL, MLB, and celebrities alike have gotten a chance to experience the phenom up close and personal.


Many may not have known, but this isn’t the first time Nike has released these futuristic stunners. Back in 2011, the company produced a very small amount of the sneakers. While partnering with the man that brought them into the spotlight way back in 1985, Michael J. Fox, more than 4.5 million dollars was raised in efforts to bring awareness and support on the subject of Parkinson’s Disease for the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

Now, it’s your turn to try and grab these for yourself. Bring the future to now, download the NIKE Sneakers (SNKRS) App, sign up, and purchase the $10 raffle, and that’s it. You’ll be automatically entered to possibly be the new owner of the NIKE AirMags. Just remember, all proceeds go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation, so you’ll be helping with an amazing cause.


Winners announced Monday, October 17. Oh, there are only 89 pairs waiting to be distributed during this contest, and there are no limits to the number of raffles you can purchase, so get going!




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