Collect & Covet | Newest Addition and Partnership For Book Lovers

Working in the publishing world, copywriting and editing, I am surrounded by books and magazines, whether they are printed or digitized. Either way they come, I read and read and read, but that love and enjoyment didn’t come out the blue.

Since I was a little girl, I was praised for being a “little reader,” “lover of books,” and wanting to satisfy my urge for learning. Though I had a very active imagination, from wanting to be a veterinarian to an astronaut, my parents supported my ideas and dreams and while fueling those said ideas and dreams they bought every book for me to read (or let me choose, buying 2 books a week from Books-A-Million). Growing up, every trip to my grandparents house in the country fueled my newfound love for books. Raised in a large family with teaching backgrounds, I read for knowledge and enjoyment thanks to the ornate, beautiful and inspiring shelves my grandmother and grandfather curated. Though I wasn’t into politics like my grandfather, today I’m glad that I can reference back to books by Colin Powell and Johnnie Cochran (aided in my understanding of the FX series O.J vs. The People). Fast forward a few years, while attending The University of Alabama earning my Bachelor of Arts in English (they decided to put me in their department homepage video, lol), it’s been a task to pick up a book — let alone one that I didn’t have to read for a 12-page critical analysis. From Shakespeare’s Hamlet to Dante Alighieri’s Dante’s Inferno it became harder for me, over the course of my four-year college career, to sit down and enjoy an evening or any break I had with a good book. Now, after three years since graduating, I have come to terms that time is back on my side, but my shelves are lacking company. To fill those voids, I had to do some research, thanks to Instagram.

Now, as a publishing graduate student at Pace University – New York, I’ve decided to do more and push myself in this industry. So, I’ve decided to team up with Barnes and Noble to create a new series — Collect and Covet. This will be the newest addition to the Southern Mannor family and I can’t be more proud and excited, so that being said with my partnership with B&N, I’ve created a wishlist of best sellers and the most talked about books on the market today. With the help of bloggers, like Mirtha Michelle, and actresses Halle Berry and Emma Watson publishing their own books and starting book clubs for young women, I’m finally feeling like myself again. Ladies left and right are using their platforms —  blogs, social media, and the web (thanks to newly discovered, Girls At Library and Belletrist – love you girls, I hope to be featured on one day) to publish and showcase their love of reading, books, and influencing other women to join in. Sure, they make for cool photo ops on IG, but these ladies aren’t using them for show, but to influence the new generation that reading is still power, whether you opt for print or digital, read and pass that influence on to the future.


I’ve been on the road so much, back and forth to visit family and friends home in Alabama, I’ve been knocking out books left and right and might hit my goal of 30 books read by Christmas.

IMG_0348FullSizeRender 5

You were always told,“not to judge a book by its cover,” but that is not the case with me whenever I browse the open aisles at B&N. I look at one with a pink cover and then move over to the cover art with more red, reading reviews online and the flap cover testimonials that either grab me or steer me away uninterested. Adding to my wishlist, I have also realized that I have been choosing books that have been on my past school reading lists that I never read or books I have read and just want to reread for enjoyment, or just a novel that relates to me based on its core subject or topic.

With the new wave of feminism coming to view, I’ve been interested in topics on love, femininity, one’s mind and being, science, dreams, manifesting your own power, and just being a young woman in this day and age. Lately, I’ve found it funny how many novels and written entries before my time are becoming extremely relative today. Seeing that  so many directors and writers are fueling their own influence to bring audiences a new view to the small screens, like Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale, Starz American Gods (currently addicted to the cinematography and art direction, my God!), and HBO’s Big Little Lies with such intensity I am becoming more and more — intrigued.

With that being said, I want to hear from you. Have your favorite books been turned into a movie or series? Did it impress or turn you off? How do you choose books in bookstores or online? Have you been keeping up with your book selection? Is it growing? Found a new love of reading over the years? Have any suggestions? When was the last time you picked up a captivating book or a book at all since your school days?

Take this time to step away from the phones (it’s okay, we know you have more than one), checking your inbox back-to-back, and scrolling through your timeline every 15 minutes. So, for the remaining months of 2017, I want you to sit back and get ready to enter new worlds, or two.

Check out my Good Reads listing on my main page and how my reading list is going along, as well as reviews and recommendations. Continue scrolling to check out what’s on my Barnes and Noble wishlist for the remainder of the 2017 year:

I’d love to hear some of your suggestions on past, current, and future novels you’ve read and will be reading. #CollectandCovet on Twitter and Instagram to feature your posts and book picks.


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