Female. Feminine. Feminist | Friedan Still Reigning True 50 Years Later

Since my most recent Barnes and Noble haul, I picked up a #collectandcovet favorite among a lot of women, housewives to college professors – The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan.

Lately, I’ve been picking up and captivated by serious reads, following advice and recommendations by female ran publications (thanks to @girlsatlibrary, @wellreadblackgirl, @cosmopolitan, @theguided, @bookbaristas, @mydomaine, @theeverygirl_, @the_gentlewoman, @belletrist, @refinery29, and so many more) that aid in my intellectual understanding of women and my own self. Listening to @saintrecords ‘Cranes in the Sky’ and @sza ‘Babylon’ and realizing I relate to them, more than I thought; after really taking in their words and visions, can I really say I’ve gone through enough in my own life to relate to these phenomenal women? Even though I’m halfway through the book, I’ve been highlighting like crazy, whether it’s a quote that pertains to my life at this moment or a line or paragraph I can use later in life. Friedan pointed out my favorites so far: “The only way for a woman, as for a man, to find herself, to know herself as a person, is by creative work of her own” and “The key to the trap is, of course, education. The feminine mystique has made higher education for women seem suspect, unnecessary and even dangerous. But I think that education, and only education, has saved, and can continue to save, American women from the greater dangers of the feminine mystique.”

Over the past few months, I’ve been dealing with things career wise, financially, and mentally. This book, along with Freidan’s quotes, have pushed me to understand that I am a woman that can do anything and whatever I set my mind to. I may have my emotional ups-and-downs, but women are mad creative and we strive under the hardest of pressure. The only question that has come to mind thus far is if I can mentally call myself a woman. Am I that grown woman @beyonce talks about in her songs? Can I really call myself a woman? Am I still a girl until I’ve hit certain life milestones? Thanks to Friedan, she quotes: “Who knows what women can be when they are finally free to become themselves? Who knows what women’s intelligence will contribute when it can be nourished without denying love?”

P.S.: The header photo has not been edited. Yes. Those are dimples from cellulite. Yes. I do exercise as much as I can. Yes. I get self-conscience. Yes. I am happy with my body as much as I ever have been before. Yes. My legs are as soft as they look. My secret: use @treehut sugar scrub (@ultabeauty) once or twice a week neck to toe, and pre-shave and lather with @caress (@walgreens) in my favorite scents Mystique or Enchant.

Comment your favorite female authors and their books that would be great for @southernmannor.

YouTube video coming soon!


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